The perfect safety solution for all occasions Integral Seal’s tempered glass can be Laminated, Double Glazed and Heat Soaked reducing the risk of spontaneous breakage.

Tempered glass is designed to safely shatter into small pieces as it breaks, eliminating the inherent dangers of large sharp corners. The safety glass is manufactured through a precise technique of extreme heating and rapid cooling, resulting in a stronger and more durable glass. Universally praised Tempered Glass is quickly becoming the standard product within our industry, especially in the high rise and railing sectors.

To keep up with current E.U. glass safety standards Integral Seal is also able to offer Heat soaking. The process is designed to expose potential critical NiS (Nickel Sulfide) inclusions in fully tempered panels reducing the risk of spontaneous glass breakage. Heat soaking provides an additional defined level of confidence with your project reducing the chance of unwanted hassle later.

Glass Comparison

Broken Annealed Panel

Broken Tempered Panel

Our tempering facility includes an automatic arising and wash machine allowing all production to remain in-house, increasing productivity and efficiency. Continuing our tradition of dedicated customer care, we are proud to offer complete sealed units, laminated makeups and single glass panels in a range of tints and high performance options, as per individual specifications.

Tempered Brochure
Tempered Brochure


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