Glass Tempering

In 2009, our tempering facility installed an automatic arising machine in-house.  This allowed us to have complete control of the operation and process, increasing productivity and efficiency.   

Tempered glass was designed to safely shatter as it breaks, eliminating the inherent dangers of sharp corners. Safety glass is manufactured through a precise technique of extreme heating and rapid cooling, resulting in a stronger and more durable glass. Tempered glass is universally praised and is quickly becoming the standard product within our industry, especially in the high rise and railing sectors. 

Continuing our tradition of dedicated customer care, we are proud to offer both complete sealed units and single glass, as per individual specifications.


Heat Soaking

SECURITY: Heat soaking reduces the risk of spontaneous glass breakage. The process that potentially exposes critical NiS (Nickel Sulfide) inclusions in fully tempered glass. At Integral Seal we have the ability with our “Heat Soak Oven” to meet all heat soak job requirements at current E.U. standards. Heat soaking will provide our customers with an additional defined level of confidence with your project.

PROCESS: Heat soaking is a potential destructive test. Standard heat soak testing requires a cycle of 8 hours, followed by a gradual cooling. This causes glass containing nickel sulfide inclusions to break in the heat soak chamber, thus reducing the risk of potential field breakage. Glass without detrimental inclusions will retain its temper properties and will have minimal risks of spontaneous breakage in the field.