We recently welcomed a new machine to our roster – a High Definition Ceramic Digital Printer.  This is the industry leader in glass printing technology.  With this printer, we are capable of printing at a true 1500 dpi resolution, guaranteeing the best possible aesthetic quality on glass with maximum durability.  Post printing, the glass can either be heat strengthened or tempered. 

The ceramic finish will not fade, wear or scratch off. Ceramic Frit technology can be applied to virtually any kind of glass surface.  The product can then be used for endless capabilities, including custom laminating, sealed units, storefronts, kitchen backsplashes, exterior building façade, architectural, interior design, or any other project imaginable.

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Ceramic Frit –  Bird Friendly Dots – Custom Patterns, Strips and Gradients!

At Integral Seal Mfg., we provide complete ceramic frit solution.  Weather it’s for commercial high rise, or interior decorative design.  We can provide any type of pattern or printed image right on to glass.

This is an excellent feature for designers and architects to enhance the visual of a new project. The ceramic frit is fused on to the surface of the glass, during the heat strengthening process.  Which creates a permanent bond to the glass surface.

This application can be used for:

  • Glass railing 
  • Custom laminated glass
  • Divider/Partition glass
  • Kitchen backsplashes
  • Insulated units
  • Bus Shelter, Canopies
  • Public art
  • Spandrel
  • Any architectural project that can be imagined

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