With state of the art equipment and professional staff, Integral Seal Mfg. is committed to providing fast service and quality products. Specializing in tempered and insulated glass units, we have quickly become the leading manufacturer within the industry.


  • Tempered LineTempered Line
    Tempered glass was designed to safely shatter as it breaks, eliminating the inherent dangers of sharp corners. Safety glass is manufactured through a precise technique of extreme heating and rapid cooling, resulting in a stronger and more durable glass. Tempered glass is universally praised and is quickly becoming the standard product within our industry. Keeping the future needs of our customers in focus, we have launched our tempered line to a warm reception. Furthermore, Integral Seal Mfg, has successfully incorporated an automatic arrissing machine, allowing us to produce high quality edging prior to tempering. This results in a more reliable and better performance product.
  • Tempered LineISM is currently tempering all soft-coat glass from Cardinal Glass Industries, which include LoĒ² 240, LoĒ² 272, LoĒ³ 366, and i81.  We are also tempering TiAC, and TiAC40 from AGC.  In addition to the soft-coat, we are tempering all coloured glass ranging between 4 mm to 19 mm.  Continuing our tradition of dedicated customer care, we are proud to offer both complete units and single glass as per individual specifications. For further convenience we have given customers the opportunity to provide their own glass to be tempered or heat strengthened using our facilities.
  • Integral Seal ManufacturingInsulated Glass UnitsInsulated Glass Units (IGUs)
    Integral Seal Mfg continues to employ technologically advanced automatic unit assembly lines, which has gained its international recognition for both innovation and precision. All of our insulated glass units are double or triple sealed and are available in all specifications. Our customers have the ability to individualize units by size, thickness, colour and numerous glass-coating options. IGU reduces thermal losses that translate to a decrease in energy consumption. Therefore, IGU has been offered at ISM for over 15 years to facilitate significant energy savings and improved thermal efficiency of our end product.
  • Laminated Glass Cutting
    The cutting process is carried out by two cutting heads which simultaneously score the top and bottom sheet which is held in clamped position by two fixed bridges. Following the score, a rubber wheel exerts pressure on the top sheet as it travels across the sheet causing the glass cut to run. Subsequently, a pneumatically actuated breaker bar pops up from beneath the lower score line and completes the break in the glass. A resistance heated wire is then brought to the vinyl interlayer from below . At the same time, clamps along the left clamping bridge are activated pulling the glass apart as the vinyl melts away.
  • Sheet measurements are controlled automatically, where a numerically controlled bridge moves to a programmed position against which the glass is brought to rest before the cutting operation. Multiple programs can be stored to increse the production speed.Effectiveness and precision cutting is the key to this automated laminated glass cutting machine. The machine is capable to cut from 0.015″ – 0.090″ includingsoft-coat LAMI glass.




Preceding the ongoing demand of safety glass, we, at Integral Seal Mfg., would like to remind our customers in which that our facility has been properly accredited with certification for glass thicknesses 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm.
Including all softcoat glass.


As a current Safety Glazing Certification council (SGCC) licensee, all Integral Seal tempered products are certified in compliance with both ANSI Z97.1-2009 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201.