• Individualization
    While ISM continues to grow, it remains committed to personalized customer care. Working in partnership with clients, each customer order is handled uniquely by our dedicated in-house production team. We are proud to produce complete units as per individual specifications, but customers also have the option to provide their own glass to be tempered or heat strengthened. Our individualized services have resulted in long-term industry relationships and extraordinary customer loyalty.
  • Precision
    ISM uses innovative engineered-to-order (ETO) software to ensure customer orders are consistently accurate and error free. Our superior machinery are maintained on a daily basis with dedicated technicians and quality control experts. Our precision is guaranteed through numerous inspections during the production process, including a complete pre-shipping review.
  • Punctuality
    Direct from your office to our production line saves you time and money. Advanced technology, such as automatic process line and ETO, allows us to process orders promptly, accurately and deliver on schedule every time. Our purpose built crane system allows us to safely and efficiently move large glass pieces to our automatic cutting tables. Our fleet of trucks transports your product straight from the production line to guarantee the fastest delivery.
  • Quality
    ISM offers a diverse range of glass through partnerships with major flat glass manufacturers. We currently utilize I-spacer, the most advanced warm-edge spacer in the industry. I-Spacer’s unique patented design combines the benfits of high-performance polymers and thin stainless steel, setting a new performance standard for the IG industry. I-Spacer’s polymer component insulates and strengthens the spacer while the continuous stainless steel back provides an excellent inorganic surface for sealant and adhesion, an ideal working surface for fabrication equipment and double-wall protection against corrosion. ISM was the first manufacturer to implement a revolutionary four-corner bender process allowing for the production of better quality warm-edge spaces. For more information, click here for our US Glass or Glass Canada articles. Furthermore, to date, ISM is the only manufacturer in Ontario, that is capable to temper the soft-coat LoĒ² from Cardinal Glass Industries. Our automatic arrissing machine is used to ensure better quality of the glass edge prior to tempering, and therefore a more reliable product.
  • Environmentally Conscious
    ISM can help you achieve your LEED points in various ways that can contribute to LEED project Certification. Providing customers with energy efficient LoĒ² glass results in decreases thermal loss and heating costs. The precision manufacturing processes ensure minimal waste. All waste glass is recycled.