Integral Seal’s Insulated Glass Units provide the flexibility and high performance required for protection against hot and cold weather.

Season weather differs a great deal in Canada range from one extreme to the other so it is important to be protected from the elements. Integral Seal’s Insulated Glass Units (IGU’s) consist of two layers of glass separated by an argon filled gap. This spacer gap decreases the air to air transfer insulating internal temperatures creating a barrier from the external elements.

Insulated glass units are most effective when combined with low-e performance glass and are customizable with a range of different spacer widths available. These options assist in maintaining a comfortable living environment without obstructing views and aid in reducing the cost of heating in winter and cooling in summer months.

Integral Seal continues to remain at the cutting edge of glass technology and employ advanced automatic unit assembly lines. These lines have gained international recognition for both innovation and precision. To ensure that the highest quality is reach all units are double or triple sealed reducing of any unwanted problems in the future.

Unit Breakdown
Insulated Brochure
Insulated Brochure


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